Native Plant Action Plan

EM-15 Protection and Enhancement of Native Biological Resources


  • Plants – To support conservation efforts for ecological succession patterns of plant diversity from up-basin to down-basin within each of the habitat zones of the BTB delta ecosystem
  • Pollinators – To build a framework that encourages landowners to manage their land in a way that maximizes its suitability as habitat for pollinators
  • Fish and Shellfish – To support conservation efforts to maintain the diverse recreational and commercial invertebrate and vertebrate species harvested for pleasure and profit
  • Birds – To support conservation measures that maximize available natural habitats that maintain healthy populations of migratory and resident birds across the BTB system
  • Wildlife – To support conservation efforts to maintain the diverse amphibian, reptile, and mammal populations
  • Threatened and Endangered Species – To support recovery and conservation efforts for threatened and endangered species